"Hush, Puppies"

NEW! (19 June 2007): Listen to a rough mix with vocals [2.4MB] (Susan Rubin, soloist)
Listen to a demo recording without vocals [2.4MB] or download the score as a PDF

Hush, puppies, and go to sleep.
Please hush, my precious puppies, not a peep.
Don't bark, don't howl,
Don't yip nor yowl:
Israel's leaving Egypt tonight.

Hush, puppies, the time is near.
God's self, and not an angel, judges here.
The hour of liberation:
The slaves become a nation:
Israel's leaving Egypt tonight.

Hush, hush.
Don't wait up for your big brother.
Hush, hush.
Just listen to your mother's

Hush, puppies, and be aware
The power of the Lord is everywhere.
Tonight we all are bidden
To see what's often hidden:
The hand of God.
But hush, hush, silent be.
Watch Israel leaving Egypt tonight, tonight.

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Last updated: 4 Tammuz 5767 (19 June 2007)