"Dad's Boat"

NEW! 10 July 2007 -- Listen to a recording (Steve Ebstein, Peter Squires, Martin Wahl) [1.6MB] or download the score as a PDF
(The background recording with no vocals, 1.4MB)

Yafet: Hi, Shem! Hi, Ham!
Shem: Hi, Yafet! What's up?
Yafet: I think dad's having a midlife crisis.
Ham: Oh, no. Did he buy a red sports car?
Yafet: Worse than that... he's building a boat!

[Sung in rotation among the three sons:]
Our father's acting odd:
He claims he hears the voice of God.
He'll hearken, /
Build an ark, /
And then we'll go afloat.

Now, the globe is growing warm. / He
Says God's gonna make it stormy; /
So there's not much time here for me
To emote:
[ALL:] Dad's built a boat!

The call went to the fauna
Of each species: Come by dawn. /
And pairs
Came from their lairs:
Each host and symbiote. /

Some species came by sevens
Just before God split the heavens /
And the rains
Flooded the plains
Near and remote. /
[ALL:] Who's on Dad's boat?

Let's see, there's:
Mice / and lice / and bison. / Nice! /
Baboons! / loons! / racoons. /
Uakari and mehari / (You won't
see them on safari; / sorry). /
Cheetahs / beetles / bees / and fleas /
And chimpanzees, /
And moles / and voles / and foals, / a polar
Bear, / a hare, / a mare. / They're there!

The ark is pretty crowded
And the animals are loud. /
I sneeze 
My allergies
Are making my eyes bloat. /

Well, we're tossing on the waters
And Dad's given us his orders
That I have to share my quarters
With coyot-
es on Dad's boat.

We've got a
Moose, mongoose, some roosters, and an
And eagles, beagles, moths and sloths,
And snakes and drakes and snails and quail /
We've logs of dogs / and hogs / and frogs
With polliwogs /
And cats / and rats / and bats. / What's that? /
[All] We've landed on Mount Ararat!
The dove's flown to her cote! /
An olive branch was in her throat! /
I'll tote
Not one more oat
To feed a horse or goat. /

[ALL:] They'll teach in yeshivot
That we were spared when the Lord smote
The wicked, And this final note
Is all we wrote
About Dad's boat.

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